Day 723 – Eagerly Wait


Leave a block of ice in the sun…and it will melt; a lump of clay, however, will harden. It is the same sun, but the nature of each substance produces different results. The Son of God, too, provokes different responses: some gratefully embrace Jesus’ salvation and are hence “eagerly waiting for Him” to return and complete His redemptive work.

In this text, we are reminded that when Christ appears a second time, it will not be to deal with sin…this was already accomplished upon the cross. Rather he will usher in an eternal era of peace on earth. When we pray, “Thy kingdom come,” we are pleading for justice and righteousness to be established. As Christians, we know that God is working on this even now, before Christ comes again.

Dear Jesus, as I eagerly await your return, help me persevere in faith, remain steadfast in hope, and grow in love…Amen.