Day 716 – Contempt


“[Abram] went in to Hagar, and she conceived; and when she saw that she had conceived, she looked with contempt on her mistress.” – Genesis 16:4

Contempt is a big emotion, involving anger and disgust. Contempt can be seen on our faces as the upper lip gets tight, the corners of our mouths turn down, and our nostrils flare out. Contempt is based within moral issues…looking down on people of a lower class than us and often with judgment.

Following Hagar’s conception of Ishmael, she looked with contempt on Sarai. Sarai and Hagar experienced a reversal of roles. Hagar carried god’s promise to Abram of being the father to many nations instead of Sarai, who was unable to conceive a child with Abram. Sarai felt lower than low, and Hagar was on top of the world. Sarai could no longer look at Hagar without hatred and disdain.

I wonder what our faces show when we feel passed up for the promotion, not given the best treatment because of how we are dressed, not treated with grace and care because of our sexuality? I wonder how often we hold contempt toward others and don’t even know it?

In order to love fully, we need to eliminate contempt.

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