Day 714 – Falsehood


This sound a great deal like the Lord’s Prayer.

“Lead me not into temptation.” Some of the greatest temptations are in the small deceptions and lies of omission that we commit almost unknowingly throughout our day. We build falsehoods to avoid interactions with others who we don’t really want to be around, and keep parts of life at a distance. We lie by remaining silent when we don’t want to be involved in somebody else business. We don’t want to get pulled in, so we say nothing only to realize that saying nothing is, it its own way, saying something.

“Give us this day our daily bread.” We are asking for enough-ness….not poverty and not riches. We just need enough food to live on. Yet our society insists that we never really have enough. Something newer, better, faster, and tastier is always just a few simple payments away.

We are invited to see that we have is enough; and where we don’t , we ask God to care for us and provide for us.

God, help me to avoid falsehood and to know my plenty…Amen.