Day 505 – The undeserving


I love that word, because this is who we all are. We do not deserve anything— the love, the favor, the good life, the brains, or even the air we breath. We deserve death, condemnation, frustration, guilt, and grief.

But Jesus took all those away, and received them upon Himself. We are the undeserving and yet, so much loved. So much favored. So much blessed. It was God’s decision to pour upon us His goodness, grace and mercy, and it was all because of Jesus’ Finished Work at the cross.

Everyday, I meditate upon Jesus’ love. This love that I did not deserve but I still have around and in me. Apart from stirring up in me a passion for Him and courage to face everything, it humbles me and keeps me from judging others. It surprisingly and inexplicably drives me to love others. It’s like magic. I never was able to do all these by myself, but it was Jesus pouring out His love through me. He is able to give hugs and love to those who are undeserving through me. It’s the greatest privilege.